Moist vanilla cake, guava filling and meringue buttercream. vanilla cupcakes, half of the cupcakes are filled with strawberries and the other half are filled with guava.



09/08/2014 5:42am

Somebody very wise once said that "You are what you eat," and we at French Loaf believe in that completely. Enter any one of our outlets and you will see the amount of care, precision and love that goes into every one of our products. We believe in giving our customers nothing but the best, so rest assured, if it does not 'rise' to our expectations, it will not leave the kitchen!


THE CREAMS creates beautiful designs and unique cakes perfectly tailored to your event theme and to your tastebuds!

05/16/2017 2:59am

Isn't is too small as for wedding cake? I thought that it will be much bigger!


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