Azuca Patisserie is highlighted on Chatterberries. Chatterberries is the go-to online bridal networking and resource guide for brides. Click on the previous link and view our Wedding cakes.


It's nice that you have been started the new venture which is only for brides. I am sure that the bridal networking will be a great source for the brides. Well, keep sharing more about the Chatterberries and its results.

10/19/2017 3:08am

I ma happy to see that Azuca Patisserie has been getting a lot of praises and recognitions from different online entities from time to time. Last week, they have been featured by an online website with a huge following,. Now, they got an exposure in Chatterberries, a go-to online bridal networking and resource guide for brides. That is what you get when you are a hardworking person and you let your passion drive you! Congratulations and I am hoping that more blessings will come on your way!


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